Running away to get married is in our genes… Our team is made up of women who have eloped themselves and are ready to help take all of the stress out of planning elopements for others – giving couples more time to focus on each other! And that is what really matters – you celebrating your love story.

We are Mary Elizabeth, Alice, Zjacquilyn, Ethel and Katharine and we can’t wait to work with you! We love making dreams come true and are here to help plan and capture the biggest day of your life. Elope Colorado Springs brings more than just photography for your day – it takes the stress out of planning your dream elopement experience.

Because ultimately – we are here to make this day epic for you!

5 women – doing the planning, the photographing, the video and all the other amazing things to make your elopement day stress free and magical. We’re Your… Elopement Planners, Photographer, Videographer, Venue, Secret Spot Finder, Vendor Network Liaison, Adventure Buddy, Idea Fairy, Cheerleader, Advocate, and so much more!

Because your elopement day should be epic and we are here to make that happen for you.

Meet your Elopement Team

Mary Elizabeth

I fell in love with elopements when watching Braveheart… William Wallace and his love sneaking away to marry in secret hit all of my romantic high notes. I’m a bit of a dreamer, a lover of words and believe that a photograph can say more than a page when it truly captures a moment.

I’m adventurish – I love to hike and camp and experience everything that the wild part of Colorado has to offer. But then a nice glass of red wine or a great cup of local coffee by a fire with a good book holds an equally special spot in my soul. I’m always down to find new places, restaurants, foods and experiences – and I do. I LOVE Colorado Springs, especially the quirky west side where our Airbnb is located. It is the perfect blend of history and new ideas.

  • Kids? Sure – one of them works with me!
  • Furbabies? Absolutely – Zola is the most adventurish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you will ever meet.
  • Favorite spot in Colorado Springs? There is a gorgeous little hike into the canyon at Palmer Park. From there I can read, eat a snack and enjoy a sunset. Seldom do I see others – it’s like a spot that is 100 miles away while being not too far from home.
  • Favorite Moment of Every Elopement? The moment a couple realizes “We did the Damn Thing”! Everything else falls away and truly – it is just these lovers in a beautiful spot celebrating a life together. It is beautiful each and every day.
  • Why I do this? I love celebrating the beauty of love and life with others. It’s hard not to believe in happily ever after when you see it every day! (I told you I was a romantic.)

I love the adventure and intimacy of elopements. My husband proposed to me in Rome: we walked at night to a park overlooking the city. And while it was dark and cold and felt a bit dangerous with the wind whipping the trees and our hair, the city was spread out like glowing jewels and it was like no one existed in the world except us. I want everyone to have that same sense of romance, excitement, and intimacy on their special day. And Colorado is one of the most beautiful and exciting places on earth to do it!

I’m eccentric, fun, more than a bit extra when it comes to anything nerdy, and its tea, earl grey, hot all day for me. 

  • Kids? One 8 year old boy (i.e. clone of my husband who I am not entirely sure I contributed anything too)
  • Furbabies? 2 fatheaded spoiled-a-saurus pittie mixes masquerading as dogs
  • Favorite spot in Colorado Springs?: Anywhere I can see the sunset and mountains at the same time.
  • Favorite Moment of Every Elopement?: When they take each other’s hands while saying their vows.
  • Why I do this? Because I can. Being a part of the couple’s grand adventure of love and beauty makes me feel like I’m adding joy and all things good to the world. When they look and see their pictures, they won’t remember me with a camera, they will remember how they felt in that moment forever. 

  • Kids? None today
  • Furbabies? Someday
  • Favorite spot in Colorado Springs? Any and all of the quirky coffee shops and locally owned bookstores.
  • Favorite Moment of Every Elopement? Listening to the vows – they are always so meaningful.
  • Why I do this? Photography shows the beauty that not everyone can see and preserves it.
  • Kids?- Yes! I have 5 sweet babies, 3 boys and 2 girls. I absolutely love being their momma, I originally didn’t want children. That all changed when I eloped, I think I never imagined them because I never imagined a life to build with that special someone. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without them, and it’s been a crazy adventure!
  • Furbabies?- ABSOLUTELY NOT! We tried once, and I found out my patience isn’t great for baby animals like it is for newborns. Now if it were up to my husband and kids we’d own like 30 dogs. I may figure out this compromise thing one day, but it won’t be today LOL!
  • Favorite Spot in Colorado Springs?- I haven’t explored much in Colorado but we had a really nice time camping in Gunnison, Colorado. The Black Canyon Gunnison National Park is absolutely stunning!
  • Favorite Moment of Every Elopement?- I love the intimacy of the ceremony, I really don’t enjoy standing up in front of big crowds. It’s too much for me. Watching other couples who just want a small intimate session is beautiful, more meaningful and you see how much they really love each other.
  • Why I do this? I love meeting new people, networking and photos! I think my phone camera has about 300,000 photos on it. The memories photos can create and bring to life are truly magical. I also love being able to capture and record life while my husband is away so that he doesn’t feel like he is missing as much as he really is.
  • Kids? 3 wonderful kids, 2 boys and 1 girl
  • Furbabies? Not yet. Debating
  • Favorite spot in Colorado Springs? Definitely Garden of the Gods
  • Favorite Moment of Every Elopement? The freedom! It is so great to help eliminate stress from the wedding process. And I’m here for it!
  • Why I do this? Memories. It’s the memories I get to help create for couples. It’s the best part of my job!


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